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Entertaining audiences in more than 30 countries since 1989

Jean-Michel is a natural born clown and fantastic unicyclist. He has been performing for about 30 years. With The Flying Dutchmen he inspired an entire generation of performers, winning 10 first prizes along the way. He has also played as an actor in several feature films: Snowdogs, 300, Journey to the centre of the earth.

Michiel has been performing for over 30 years. He was an inspiration for an entire generation of jugglers. The video on juggling he produced with Oddball was a must have in the juggling circuit. Besides The Flying Dutchmen he performs with a show "The Art of Letting go" for companies and organisations (www.mindpepper.nl). He has won over 15 first prizes at different festivals and events with different shows. One of them at the Circus Festival  “Premiere Rampe” in Monte Carlo at the age of nineteen.

Amsterdam's Juggler Michiel Hesseling... "A Mozart in his profession" and Canada's fearless crazy French Canadian Unicyclist Jean-Michel Paré combined their multiple talents and became The Flying Dutchmen.

These old school comic geniuses are considered heroes in the world of international street performance.

Unbridled comedy in several languages ( English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese).

In a relaxed atmosphere, and a freewheeling use of the most astonishing stunts reaches all types of crowds, regardless of continent, regardless of age.

More important than their high skills is the contact with the audience. Always looking for improvisation and comedy. Every show is still an adventure and a lot of fun for both artists. The audience is very aware of that.

With interchangeable skills, yet inimitable styles, they gained more than ten first prizes around the world.

Fellow performers that praise you is often seen as the highest form of praise. This is what the Buskers Hall of Fame wrote about The Flying Dutchmen a few years ago:

“The Flying Dutchmen produced a show that is  slicker, funnier, tighter and more cumulatively skilful than anything seen in street performances living memory.”