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You were not only one of the show highlights of this year's festival, but also amazing artists to work with back stage. We enjoyed your company as well as your professionalism.

(Regensburg Kultur Pflaster Team)

"The jury didn't hesitate a moment. The Flying Dutchmen were the best!"

(Het Vrije Volk, Holland)

The Flying Dutchmen are highly professional to work with and they are well respected by their fellow performers. I recommend this act for your festival and hope you enjoy them as much as we in Christchurch have.

(Jodi Wright, Director World Busker Festival Christchurch)

"The Flying Dutchmen offer juggling brilliance and unequalled comic relief."

(Pioneer, P.E.I.)

The Flying Dutchmen produced a show that is  slicker, funnier, tighter and more cumulatively skilful than anything seen in street performances living memory.

(Busker Hall of Fame)

"They delivered a dazzling street theatre performance: amusing, funny, entertaining, full of humor, spectacular stunts and daring acrobatics."

(Panorama, Netherlands)

"With the appearance of The Flying Dutchmen anybody with a sense of esthetics will hold his breath. Two young gods move smoothly on stage on unicycles that get higher and higher."

(Het Parool, Holland)

"Juggling duo dishes up gravity defying levity in six different languages."

(Gazette, Montréal)

"Street entertainment is like anything else-you need inspiration from the greatest. Well these two are the very best."

(South Wales Echo)

"The Flying Dutchmen, one of the highlights of the Vancouver Comedy Festival."

(The Courier, Vancouver, Canada )

"The best juggler teamed up with Canada’s best unicyclist gives a well matched and very funny duo. The Flying Dutchmen juggle with an astonishing skillfulness and, mainly, an unbridled humor. Adapting to the public's reaction and to the unexpected. They improvise smartly... A show to be seen..."

(Journal de Québéc)

"The Flying Dutchmen, apart from their amazing sleight-of-hand and illusionary skills have the wonderful ability to engage and humor an audience”.

(Rita Clarke, Festival of Perth, Australia)

"Amsterdam's Michiel Hesseling is a Mozart to his profession.

...Five balls fly with virtuosity, seven capably, five club rise in numerous flawless variations. What he does with three clubs is pure visual poetry.

...Jean-Michel Paré, a flamboyant unicyclist, who is one of few able to freemount-I.e. Climb up unassisted a three meter giraffe unicycle."

(Performing Arts, Canada)

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