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Schedule 2019

Japan, Saitama, Daidogei Festival, 12-13 January

Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya Festival, 14 January

Japan, Tokyo, Koenji Daidogei Festival (2nd time!), 27-28 April

Japan, Toyohashi Daidogei Festival (2nd time!), 4-5 May

Japan, Hitachi Daidogei Festival (2nd time!), 11-12 May

Spain, Valladolid, Int. Festival of Street Art and Theater, 24-25 May

Germany, Bielefeld Festival, 29-30 May

Latvia and Estonia, Tadaa Festival, 1-16 Juni

Romania, Sibiu International Theatre Festival, 18-19 June

England, Glastonbury Festival (5th time!), 28-30 June

Spain, Barcelona, Festival Per amor a l'Hart, 6th of July

Switzerland, Crans-Montana, Cirque au Sommet project, 27 July-11 August

Korea, Busan Festival, 24-28 August

Germany, Karlsruhe Stadfest, 12-13 October

Schedule 2018

Germany, Pape macht Zirkus Spiegelzelt, 13-15 April

Italy, Merano, Asfaltart, 8-10 June

Italy, Artisti in Piazza, Pennabilli, 14-17 June

Holland, Mooi Weer Spelen Delft, 22-24 June (2nd time)

Germany, Birkengartenfestival, 28 June

Germany, Görlitz, Int. Theaterfestival, 29-30 June (2nd time)

Germany, Kufa Hoyerswerda, 1st of July

Holland, Doetinchem, Festival Buitengewoon, 8th of July

Germany, Phungo Festival, Phungstadt, 13 July

Germany, Ettenheim, Kukuk Festival, 14-15 July

Germany, Gauklerfest Attendorn, 21-22nd July

Austria, Velden, 23-25 July

Switzerland, Gauklerfestival Interlaken, 27-29 July

Germany, Bensheim, Vogel der Nacht Festival, 31st of July

Ireland, Waterford, Spraoi, 2-5 August

6-22 August holiday

Belgium, International Streettheaterfestival Beveren, 24th August

Germany, Clemenswerth, Kleines Fest im grossen Park, 25th August

Germany, Kulturfestival Open Air Bielefeld, 26th of August

Germany, Internationales Straßentheater Mosbach, 2 September (2nd time!)

Turkey, Izmir International Fair, 8-11 September

Germany, Landshut Stadt Spektakel, 13-16 September

Australia, Coffs Buskers Festival, 3-7 October

Australia, Buskers by the Creek, 14-17 October

Japan, Daidogei Shizuoka, 1-4 November (5th time)

Schedule 2017

North Ireland, Belfast Festival of Fools, 29-30 April, 1st of May

Holland, Ovezande Streettheater Festival, 28th of May

Switzerland, Ascona, Artisti di Strada, 2-5 June

Switzerland, Buskers Chur, 8-9 June

Belgium, Theater aan Twater, Boom, 17-19 June

England, Glastonbury Festival (4th time!), 23-25 June

Sweden, Stockholm Busker Festival, 30th of June, 1-2 July

Holland, FestiValderAa, Drenthe, 7th of July

Germany, Ahlen Stadtfest (3rd time!), 8-9 July

Switzerland, Lugano Busker Festival 12-16 July

Austria, Olala Festival, Lienz, 27-28 July (3rd time!)

Germany, Koblenz Künstler und Gaukler Festival (4th time!), 29-30 July

Germany, Schwerte, Stadtfest (3rd time!), 25-26 August

Holland, Rotterdam, Koopgoot, 27 August

Germany, Internationales Straßentheater Mosbach, 3 September

Holland, Wierden, Kunsten op Straat, 8 September

Holland, Almelo, Kunsten op Straat, 9 September

Holland, Steenwijk, Kopje Kultuur, 10 September

Germany, Open Flair, Bochum, 15-16 September

Germany, Moers Comedy Arts Festival (2nd time!), 15 September

Germany, Duckstein Festival, Binz, 18-19 September

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